We are the Manufactures of All kinds of leathers safety products, rubber electrical hand gloves and leather goods.


Jupiter Industries believes in providing the best industrial safety products at an affordable price.

Gauntless Gloves

Gloves are durable, flexible, have Strong grip and Comfortable with High tear resistance.

They have seamless construction and made from specially compounded latex for compute insulation.

Electrical Rubber Hand Gloves for protection against electrical shocks up to 15kv.

Kevlar Gloves

  • CUT RESISTANT GLOVES: Heavyweight KEVLAR knit cut resistant gloves provide excellent protection against cutting hazards, excellent comfort, dexterity and fit.
  • HEAT RESISTANT: Safe for work around heat and sparks, these cut resistant work gloves passed a 10-second flame test, meaning it’s suitable for job applications with heat, sparks and can be used as kitchen cut resistant gloves. Heat Resistant from 300-1000 degree Celsius. >
  • HIGH ABRASION LEVEL: Heavyweight knit work glove is reinforced with a composite filament fiber to increase cut and wear resistance.
  • SAFETY RATINGS: These cut proof gloves have ANSI cut-level 4 protection and are rated for high abrasion resistance ANSI level-3.




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